Athletic Mouth Guards in Cambridge and Kitchener-Waterloo

If you enjoy sports, and contact sports in particular, it is essential to wear a mouth guard to prevent injuries.

Sports mouth guards can help prevent a wide range of costly dental accidents, from broken and chipped teeth to tooth replacements and implants.

Why Mouth Guards are Important

There is a major difference in quality between your regular mouth guard and a proper athletic mouth guard. Custom athletic mouth guards provide a better, less bulky fit for athletes, which leads to fewer distractions during your game.

If you care about performance and spend a significant amount of time wearing your mouth guard on the rink, the pitch, or somewhere else, then you may benefit from a custom-made athletic mouth guard from the team at McCabe.

Our Custom-Made Mouth Guards

At McCabe, we can fit and create custom athletic mouth guards for pickup on the same day. Our clinic includes a lab facility that allows us to create your mouth guard on location, so you don’t have to wait if you need a last-minute mouth guard for your big game.

We can also provide a range of custom options for your new athletic mouth guard, including:

  • Your choice of colour
  • Your name, embedded inside the mouthguard
  • Your team logo, embedded inside the mouthguard

All of our mouth guards are made of plastic acrylic and can be fitted for athletes of any age.

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