Digital Dentures in Cambridge & Kitchener-Waterloo

Are you interested in digital dentures for yourself, a family member, or a friend? This state-of-the-art technology uses computer-aided design and manufacturing to create a custom, 3D-printed digital prosthesis for your mouth.

What Are Digital Dentures?

Digital dentures offer a new digital method of manufacturing custom prostheses to replace missing teeth. This cutting edge approach leverages technologies, such as 3D-printing and CAD/CAM milling, to create prostheses in fewer appointments, with a better fit for your mouth, and 6 to 8 times stronger when compared with traditional dentures.

At McCabe, we can create both permanent dentures and denture implants using the digital method. Book an appointment with our team to learn more.

The Process for Creating Digital Dentures

When you decide to get a set of digital dentures, the process starts with us taking a bite and impression of your natural teeth and gums. This information will be digitally scanned into our design software after your appointment, where it can be manipulated with the simple click of a button.

Before we start working on your denture design, we will ask you a number of questions about how you want your new teeth to look. We will also make our own recommendations, based on your previous teeth and current facial structure.

Once we have the design for your new dentures completed, a 3D printed model will be created in our on-site lab facility. This process will create a 3D-printed digital prosthesis that we will customize to create your final dentures. We will work with you to get your perfect smile, regardless of how many try-ins are required.

After printing your digital denture prototype, we will schedule a second appointment where you can try them in. We’ll make adjustments to ensure that the new device fits your mouth correctly and that you’re happy with your smile before we finalize and mill the denture. Following this appointment, you will be able to leave with your new dentures!

Why McCabe Denture & Implant Solutions


Innovative Technology

At McCabe, our industry-leading clinic is one of the only locations in Southern Ontario to offer digital dentures for our clients. We also have the ability to create your dentures in our on-site lab facility, rather than sending them to an external lab for manufacturing.


Superior Quality

Our digital dentures will typically require fewer appointments and less sitting time than traditional dentures. They have also been proven to provide your mouth with a better fit and require fewer adjustments on return appointments.

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