Immediate or Immediate Temporary Dentures in Cambridge & Kitchener-Waterloo

Are you looking for immediate or immediate temporary dentures in the Cambridge or Kitchener-Waterloo area? If you want to avoid a situation where you are without teeth for several months, then immediate or immediate temporary dentures offer a great short-term solution after a tooth extraction or an accident.

Why Do You Need Immediate / Immediate Temporary Dentures?

There are many good reasons to get immediate or immediate temporary dentures for aesthetic purposes. These devices are a great way to bridge the gap between a tooth extraction and permanent dentures. They can help you return to work as normal, attend important social events, and make you more comfortable going about your daily activities in the community.

However, immediate / immediate temporary dentures also fill an important functional role in your oral health. Following a tooth extraction, you are likely to experience some degree of bone and tissue loss — this is a natural and expected part of the healing process.

Switching to Permanent Dentures

After your tooth extraction, you should follow the post-operative instructions of your denturists or oral surgeon carefully. The bone and tissue in the area where you are missing teeth are likely to shrink as the process of resorption takes place.

During this process, follow-up appointments with your denturist will be necessary to maintain the fit and comfort of your immediate / immediate temporary dentures. Once your denturist notices that shrinkage has slowed, they will measure you for your first set of permanent dentures, which usually occurs 6 to 12 months after your extraction.

For more information on switching from immediate / immediate temporary dentures to permanent dentures, book an appointment with our team today.

Why McCabe Denture & Implant Solutions


Avoid the Downsides of Missing Teeth

At McCabe, we offer immediate or immediate temporary dentures as a means to bridge the gap between a tooth extraction and the installation of permanent dentures. Missing teeth can be a serious problem for working, attending social gatherings, or even engaging in regular day-to-day life — and a temporary set of dentures can mitigate these issues.


How it Works

Our team will take impressions of your mouth, while your natural teeth are still present, in order to ensure your immediate denture can be inserted directly after your extraction. This approach helps to avoid any time with missing teeth during the recovery process. This typically only takes one or two appointments.

Get your life back to normal