Denture Check-Up Appointments

Your mouth will go through considerable changes after losing teeth or having teeth removed. The soft tissue of your gums will shrink and you may lose underlying bone structure.

As the tissue and bone on which your dentures rest changes from this process of ‘resorption’, your dentures may no longer fit like they did initially. That is why it is important to receive regular check-ups to determine whether your dentures need adjustments or relines to fit your mouth properly.

What To Expect

During every denture check-up, we will start by updating both your medical and dental history, in order to determine if any changes will impact your denture treatment.

Our denturists will then conduct a thorough oral examination of your dentures, in order to check for oral cavities, fit and bite, stability and aesthetics, and the overall integrity of your denture device.

Based on our findings, we will present recommendations for improving your current dental health. We will also review your current oral hygiene routine and provide denture cleaning and polishing, if required.

What We Check For

During an oral examination of your dentures, we will look for the following:

  • Oral Cavities — An annual oral examination can help detect or assist in preventing the formation of oral cancer or other abnormal conditions.
  • Denture Fit — Improper fit or bite in your dentures can lead to other problems if left unaddressed. It can also impact your ability to bite, your speech, and your appearance.
  • Denture Integrity — It is important to check for cracks, chips, or scratches in your dentures, as well as worn or loose teeth.

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