3 Ways to Combat Snoring and Sleep Better

Did you know that more than two million Canadians have sleep disorders ranging from insomnia to snoring to sleep apnea? And those are just the disorders that are reported! Unofficial numbers are much higher.

To make matters worse, sleep disorders like snoring don’t just affect the person snoring. People who sleep beside or near someone who snores may also suffer from being deprived of a good night’s sleep.

In this blog, we present you with three ways to combat snoring. As always, we recommend that you consult with a sleep specialist and/or medical professional before trying anything new.

1. Use a dental appliance

D-SAD dental appliance by Panthera

At McCabe Denture, we can create custom anti-snoring devices for our patients in just two appointments.

The device we often recommend is the D-SAD dental appliance by Panthera.

The appliance works by opening your upper airway. It does this by moving the lower jaw forward to a comfortable position, enabling you to breathe during your sleep.

We’ve seen this appliance work for both snorers and people with sleep apnea.

How the D-SAD dental appliance by Panthera works

2. Sleep apnea machine

For more severe cases of sleep apnea, a sleep apnea machine might be necessary. These machines can be quite intrusive and make it difficult to travel, so it is often thought of as a last resort.

3. Adjust your lifestyle

It comes as no surprise that your lifestyle plays a big role in your overall health — snoring included.

If you are overweight, smoke, drink alcohol to excess, use sedatives, or sleep on your stomach or back, you put yourself at a higher risk for sleep disorders.

While a lifestyle change requires a long-term commitment to your health, the benefits are also long-term. A lifestyle change can naturally aid in reducing or eliminating sleep disorders, along with many other health complications.

Our advice is to consult with the medical professionals in your life, including the denture specialists at McCabe Denture. We have helped many of our patients return to getting a great night’s sleep!

If you have any questions or would like to book a consultation, don’t hesitate to get in touch


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